inno Group is a strategic management consulting company

inno group serves research institutions, businesses, policy institutions and development agencies in Europe and abroad. We hold a twenty-year track record in helping our clients to create optimal framework conditions for innovation and provide hands-on support to actually generating large returns on investments in research and innovation.

inno AG is quality certified ISO 9001 and adheres strictly to these conditions in all its project work.  The company guarantees project deliverables and project timetables and maintains strict client confidentiality.

Projets clés



inno coordonne le projet de recherche intégré (IP) du 7ème PCRD BUTLER qui développe des solutions sécurisées avec prise en compte du contexte pour l'internet des objets. Grâce à un consortium de 18 partenaires industriels et académiques, BUTLER intègre et étend des technologies existantes pour fournir un ensemble d'outils et d'applications soutenant l’avènement de l'Internet des Objets.

Pour cela, BUTLER se focalise sur l'amélioration et la création des technologies de base pour le déploiement de solutions transverses à plusieurs secteurs verticaux (domotique, transport, santé,...


Interreg Danube project FORESDA

FORESDA – ‘Forest-based cross sectoral value chains fostering innovation and competitiveness in the Danube Region’ supports the transformation of traditional forest-based industries and strengthens their competitiveness. The project started officially on the 1st of January 2017 and lasts 30 months.

Forest-based industries have the potential to become the engine for sustainable and competitive bio economy in the Danube Region, but, unfortunately they suffer from significant disparities, low levels of internationalisation, lack of cooperation, weak innovation culture, etc.

Through its...