1 in 3 international and French businesses don't protect wireless networks: Survey results

Over a third of international and French businesses do not use even basic functions to protect their wireless networks. This is shown by the results of a worldwide survey on IT security infrastructures, carried out by Fortinet, one of the leaders in high performance solutions for cybersecurity, based in Sophia-Antipolis. Conscious of the issues presented by informatic and Internet security for Europe's economy and competetiveness, inno TSD and the consortium BeWISER have already been adressing the subject for 2 years, wanting it to gain visibility and importance  in national public policy (7 countries involved) and for citizens, due to actions intended to communicate with, and raise awareness among, the general public, in order to liberate the ubderlying potential for economic growth.
For more information on the project BeWISER : http://www.be-wiser.eu/about/
Published on
June 15, 2015