FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters launched

FESTIVAL (FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms) project provides an homogeneous access to a federated testbed platform between Europe and Japan. FESTIVAL partners, including inno TSD,  developed an “Experimentation as a Service” model for testing added value services in different domains (city, building, health, public services, art/culture, etc.) with real-life physical testbed environments involving real end-users.

Involvement in the FESTIVAL’s Open Call provides with: 
  • Access to a large set of testing facilities all in one place;
  • Gaining time and money in preparing own testing environment;
  • Testing and demonstrating smart solutions in real world;
  • Being part of a large and active community of experimenters and experts

    Further information on the call can be found here: http://www.festival-project.eu/en/?page_id=941

Published on
February 25, 2017