NearUS project - Network of Centres for European Research and Innovation in the US - officially launched!

NearUS, a 4-year project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by DLR with strong support of Inno TSD, was officially launched on the 1st of April 2017.

NearUS will establish a Network of Centres for European Research and Innovation as central contact point for support to EU research and innovation actors (start-ups, SMEs, universities…) seeking collaboration with and in the United States.

A variety of services will be developed and proposed to customers (start-ups, companies, researchers…)! Network Services will target Research2Research, Research2Market and Business2Business cooperation, such as matchmaking opportunities, working visits to US organisations and pitching in front of Venture Capitalists.

The NearUS Network will include the following entities:

  • One coordination “node” in Europe (at the European Business and Innovation Centre Network - EBN, Brussels)
  • One coordination “node” in the US (at the International Business Innovation Association – InBIA)
  • Two physical "landing hubs" (NearUS West Coast Hub in San Francisco Bay Area at European American Enterprise Council and NearUS East Coast Hub in Boston)
  • Five Associate Hubs across the USA, and plans to expand the NearUS network over four years (providing the NearUS services at various locations across the US with interest for the EU beneficiaries in terms of geographical and sectoral coverage)

At this stage of the project INNO TSD is conducting a market research analysis to acquire further information on the demand for such services. If interested, please click here to fill out our questionnaire, so that we can ensure that we take into account your needs for the development of our services!

Project partners: DLR, Germany (Coordinator); Inno TSD; EBN, Belgium; InBIA, US; EAEC, US; INTRA, Luxembourg; SPI, Portugal; RCISD, Hungary; NCURA, US.

Published on
April 03, 2017