Accessing public funds

inno Germany supports universities, higher education institutions, research organisations, other public organisations and companies in the successful acquisition of public fundings from regional and national authorities as well as from the European Commission for research and innovation purposes.

Furthermore, inno Germany assists its clients in delivering an effective Project management including execution and processing – and financial processing (e.g. controlling, audit-complying documentation). Especially in the case of EU projects, inno Germany carries out these services not only as a contractor but also as project partner or project coordinator.

To this aim, inno Germany disposes of an experienced consulting and support team.

Here follows an overview of inno Germany’s service offer

Featured projects

Zero CO2 Road Transport

The idea to submit a contribution in the framework of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) competition „EIT-KICS-2009 – Knowledge and Innovation Communities“ on the subject „Zero CO2 Road Transport - a climate change Knowledge Innovation Community“ came to be as a follow-up of the project GAST. The KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), together with the Universities of Stuttgart and Ulm as well as other partners, contributed to the proposal as coordinator of a so-called thematic „co-location node“, while inno Germany supported all partners in the formulation of the...


 The project iRegions - Internet-based and mobile technologies for regions in the net economy (FP7 - Regions of Knowledge) was initiated by the three involved clusters CyberForum (Germany), Kista Science City (Sweden) and Baltic Innovation Agency (Estonia).
The project followed the target of understanding and controlling the change in the economic structures and processes caused by the net economy and net society, which are based on new competitiveness principles like openness, equality, sharing and global action.
In March 2008, inno Gemany submitted a successful EU proposal and joined...