Supporting science and technology projects

Project process support is a key service of inno normally provided to regional authorities, research institutions and private actors looking to implement new strategies and projects. Our services range from the development of project- and programme concepts over fund-raising to implementation support.

In the area of international co-operation we can take full responsibility for developing research and innovation projects including managing the bid-process and putting together a winning partnership. During a negotiation process we offer full management of all aspects until the signing of grant- and partnership agreements. We further offer administrative and management support during project implementation as well as support during any second level audits. Our track record comprises over 100 won and managed EU-projects within the Research and Technology Development Framework Programmes, Interreg, Europeaid, etc.

For national and regional clients looking to launch new policy measures we offer full process support. This can include, e.g. managing a programme web-site, handling of calls, acting as an info-point and support in the evaluation of proposals.