Cluster support and management

inno Scandinavia offers a wide range of services related to the development of industrial clusters. Our services target both individual clusters looking for operational support, proactive regions wanting to develop efficient cluster strategies and learning networks of European policy makers that strive to renew their portfolio of policy measures in the area.

For individual clusters and cluster initiatives we offer management support, including conflict management, strategic planning as well as income / service portfolio development. We also offer fund raising services and internationalization support. Our cluster clients include the Vinnväxt-winner ”Triple Steelix”, the food and drink cluster ”Måltidsriket” (Grythyttan), the Pulp- and Paper cluster ”The Paper Province”, the ICT-cluster ”Compare” and the new media cluster “Media Evolution Southern Sweden”.

For regions and policy makers we offer process management services including e.g. the mobilization of regional cluster actors (companies), the building of strategic action plans and the identification and validation of new, cross-competence business opportunities for existing clusters. Regional clients include Värmland, Norrbotten, Dalarna and Örebro.