Supporting businesses and developing cluster analysis

inno TSD provides a range of services aimed at meeting the needs of both large companies and technology driven SMEs.  Key services include supporting companies develop innovation and  internationalisation strategies and accessing public research funds, notably European Union FP programmes.

inno TSD works alongside technology driven SMEs to help them to develop technology transfer and innovation partnerships at an international level often via regional cluster networks.  The inno TSD business incubator teams also provide a range of services to companies aimed at implementing fast growth strategies, communication and marketing plans and developing benchmarking tools.  inno TSD regularly designs and evaluates collaborative SME initiatives aimed at offering packaged solutions to companies sharing the same problems.

inno TSD is also an active player in the field of cluster policy  and cluster management support at both a European and National level. Its services target both individual clusters looking for operational support, proactive regions wanting to develop efficient cluster strategies and learning networks of European policy makers that strive to renew their portfolio of policy measures. inno TSD  has worked alongside DG Industry and Enterprise for a number of years on developing cluster support programmes via the PRO INNO Europe and CIP programmes and is responsible for co-animating the European Cluster Alliance alongside Oseo of France. inno TSD has also helped a number of client’s access EU cluster funds such as the PACA Region, Brittany Innovation and the North West Development Agency in the UK.

inno TSD offers hands-on support to clusters in developing internationalisation strategies (Optics Valley, Pole Systematic Paris Region) and in enhancing the participation of SMEs in technology partnerships through a variety of programmes such as Eurostars and Eureka.  Cluster organisations depend on inno TSD expertise and competences to help evaluate their business plans and develop their technology platforms or to support the delivery of their key services and in identifying cross-sectoral and inter-clustering initiatives that can favour new and emerging industries.

Featured projects



Funded in the framework of the PRO INNO Europe initiative of the DGEnterprise, the TACTICS project focuses on various aspects of cluster policydevelopment to meet the current challenges facing European policy makers. Theseinclude the development of a cluster reflection group including severaltaskforces such as the development of internationalisation policy tools, theidentification and resolution of the legal barriers that hinder cooperation orthe tools for marketing and promoting cluster activities at a transnationallevel. Another important aspect of the project consists of the...


EDF Framework contract

inno TSD has signed a framework contract with the French utility EDF to support the writing and the management of European projects. Regarding the writing, the support consists of the design of the project concept, the constitution of thepartnership, the collection of documents from the partners, the coordination of the writing of the work packages, the final editing, the calculation of the budget and the submission of the proposal on the electronic platform.Concerning the project management, the main tasks are the administrative and financial coordination of the project, the writing...


EuroMed@Change : new dynamics for SME and cluster internationalisation

What are the opportunities for growth and competitiveness in the Mediterranean?  EuroMed@Change pilot project will be launched early 2013, proposing new dynamics for SME and cluster internationalisation between Europe and 4 targeted partners countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon.

Business development actions (market studies, matchmaking events...), Euro-Med task forces (Talents, women entrepreneurs, investors..) and supporting actions (IP trainings, softlanding) will be developed in 2013 and 2014 around high-growth sectors (renewable energies, urban services, agro-food, creative...