Managing complex technology projects at a European level

inno TSD actively supports science and technology partners in developing and managing complex projects such as those supported by European Union FP research and cooperation funds and has developed a number of dedicated services, tools and web based platforms to meet the needs of this community.

inno TSD creates lasting partnerships with organizations willing to fund and drive their Scientific and Technological projects in the most effective way.  Defining, implementing and exploiting science and technology projects are key areas where inno TSD supports both private and public organizations in transforming their R&D into innovation.

Key services include supporting the project from the inception phase and include developing a coherent project definition in line with the customer’s strategy and cross checking with suitable funding opportunities. Thanks to the inno group’s European network, its knowledge of the European science and technology policy framework, key scientific and policy actors together with the strong project management skills of its consultants, the project technical leader is supported through all the steps of the project.  This includes:

  • Constructing the scientific and technological rationale
  • Building the partnership
  • Structuring the work plan
  • Drafting the exploitation plan
  • Running the risk analysis
  • Optimising the financial plan.

Once the project enters its operational phase, inno TSD, often acting as project coordinator, works hand in hand with the project technical leader in a transparent and collaborative way, to drive the project forward towards the fulfillment of its objectives. In addition, the inhouse inno TSD Lab Team can provide dedicated IT support for the development of project web platforms as well as rapid prototyping and pre-industrialisation of software solutions developed within the projects.

This specific “Science and Technology project support” is in addition to the services provided by the inno group’s mainstream competences in the fields of research exploitation and commercialization, market analysis , technology transfer and IPR protection and supporting technology start ups via the different business incubators managed by the company.

The inno Group, led by the French inno TSD team, has recently been awarded (as coordinator)  the BUTLER Integrated project. This project is one of the large projects launched by the European Commission DG Information Society and Media in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). Under the same call for projects, inno also set-up and won the PROBE-IT project, a support action aimed at defining benchmarking frameworks and roadmaps for IoT deployments evaluation.

Thanks to its involvement as coordinator and contributor to the MyFire (innovation and sustainability of Future Internet research testbeds) and MOSQUITO (documenting fragmentation of the mobile Internet), inno has been asked  by the European Commission to chair the Future Internet Assembly Working Group on Standardisation.

inno has also been involved in supporting the European Commission for a wider adoption of the forthcoming Internet Protocol (IPv6) by supporting the drafting of the 2008 action plan with an impact assessment of IPv6 and more recently, analysed the situation from a curricula point of view.

Featured projects



inno is coordinator of the FP7 integrated project (IP) BUTLER which develops context-aware and secure pervasive solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Through a consortium of 18 leading Industrial, corporate R&D and academic partners with extensive and complementary know-how, BUTLER integrates existing and develops new technologies to form a “bundle” of applications, platform features and services that will bring IoT to life.

For this purpose, BUTLER focuses on improving and creating enabling technologies to implement a vision of IoT applications spanning across...



inno is coordinating the FP7 PROBE-IT support action which provides support  for definition and implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) benchmarking framework, pre-validation approaches for developing standards and selection of appropriate tools for testing. The project targets the global scale with a consortium including 9 partners from Europe, China, Africa an Brazil.
Beside coordination, the main inno activity within this project is to design a benchmarking framework providing stakeholders with a decision making tools allowing them to make their choice by...

IPv6 Observatory

IPv6 is a cornerstone of the Future Internet. Europe has been playing a key role up to now on the worldwide scene, but is more and more challenged by countries such as the USA, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. To ensure both business continuity of the European industry and to get benefits from IPv6 added technologies, the 2008 European Commission (EC) Communication, in its action plan, requested that by 2010, 25% of the users should be able to connect to IPv6.

In that context, European Commission has entrusted inno with a study to monitor the progress of IPv6 deployment around the world...



MOSQUITO help in identifying barriers of fragmentation which prevent the full development of mobile internet applications and services. MOSQUITO supports the standardization of mobile Internet services and promotes collaboration in the industry. MOSQUITO supports actions relating to interoperability for mobile applications and services and gives its full support to the cross-sector convergence of IT, Telecoms and Media within the context of mobile internet applications and services.
The main objective of the MOSQUITO project is to document to fragmentation of the mobile Internet.



 The project PICASSO “ICT Policy, Research and Innovation for a Smart Society: towards new avenues in EU-US ICT collaboration“, funded under the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, will bring together EU and US prominent specialists with the aim of reinforcing EU-US ICT collaboration in pre-competitive research in key enabling technologies related to societal challenges of common interest – 5G Networks, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems – and to support the EU-US ICT policy dialogue.

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