Ex-post evaluation of FP6 NMP

The study, directed by inno, aims at evaluating, on the basis of the outputs and outcomes of the funded projects, the effectiveness of the FP6 thematic area NMP "Nano-technologies and nano-sciences, knowledge based multifunctional materials, and new production processes and devices" within the specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration "Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area (2002-2006)".

Thanks to a wide consultation (more than 20000 participants surveyed, 400 interviews, 100 case studies), its results provides knowledge for action, by helping project and programme managers in the EC and in Member States :
  • to identify and disseminate towards decision-makers and opinion formers relevant and evidence-based information on projects achievements and on the value of research carried out in this field;
  • to improve project and programme design, monitoring, exploitation and dissemination of results through accurate understanding of success (and failure) factors;
  • to develop and implement enhanced initiatives with relevant stakeholders concerned by the successful achievement of projects' objectives (related EU and MS partners, users, regulatory and standardisation bodies, banks and investors, ...).
Obtained results are used in particular within the FP8 (now Horizon 2020) impact assessment.
2009 - 2010